Holistic Vision Retreats provides experiences in and around beautiful Sedona that include a mix of tours to sacred places, insightful meditation and mindfulness practices, introduce you to the best healers, psychics and other practitioners of metaphysics and share clean, healthy food along with nutrition information so that you walk away feeling refreshed, recharged and revived from your usual day-to-day life. Create Your Own Experience Today »

“Susan Luddy of Holistic Vision Retreats is a gift to anyone trying to balance their mind, body and soul! She will take you on a journey from her heart to yours, and as you follow along the path she takes you on, you will be left in awe with a renewed sense of self. The ‘real loving self’ that you are!”

– Barbara Felong (April 3, 2019)

“Susan is an amazing guide who journeys you through a truly healing Sedona experience for the mind, body and spirit. She is the best overall wellness guide ever! I highly recommend her!!!”

– Kelly Libby (June 24, 2019)

Sedona Soul Magic Retreats
June 6-10, 2020

Everything you seek is seeking you. The personal goals you hope to reach, the loving relationships you want in your life, finding peace within, the spiritual growth and support you may be wishing for — all are waiting for you to open the door to your heart.

The key to opening this door is less about “making it happen” and more about allowing an abundance of good and guidance to flow through you with ease and grace. This happens when you take some time to get quiet, tune in, envision what you want and feel your heart space opening a little wider with each breath.




Half-Day to 5-Day and 
Personalized Sedona Experiences

Design Your Own Unique Experience

Go on a half-day, 1-day, 2-day, 5-day or customized Sedona experience to explore, expand, relax, reflect and just breathe while grounding and basking in the energy of the amazing red rocks.


All of the Sedona Experiences combine tour, mindfulness, meditation, metaphysical and coaching elements to nourish your mind, body and soul. No matter how short your visit, our intuitive guide can help make your time in Sedona even more insightful and memorable!

All Experiences INCLUDE*:

  • A healthy delicious meal
  • Mind, body and soul coaching along the way
  • Local highlights and recommendations
  • Pick up and drop off at your Sedona location in a luxury SUV
  • Water

*Excludes alcohol and gratuities.

Sedona Saturday Experience

One Day
6.5 – 7 hours
As low as $349 pp*

  • Walking meditation at a spiritual oasis
  • Insightful intuitive reading or soothing energy healing
  • Grounding ceremony at a sacred site
  • Cacao blessing and gift of appreciation

*1-2 person(s) is $369 pp. 3 people is $349 pp.

Sedona Sunday Experience

One Day
6.5 – 7 hours
As low as $329 pp*

  • Walking meditation at a spiritual oasis
  • Sound resonance healing and meditation
  • Divine tree ceremony at a sacred site
  • Aura photo with report
  • Cacao blessing and gift of appreciation

*1-2 person(s) is $349 pp. 3 people is $329 pp.

Sedona Weekday Experience

One Day
6.5-7 hours
As low as $309 pp*

  • Walking meditation at a spiritual oasis
  • Insightful intuitive reading or soothing energy healing
  • Facilitated Crystal Bed Healing
  • Cacao blessing and gift of appreciation

*1-2 person(s) is $329 pp. 3 people is $309 pp.

Sedona Half-Day Experience

One Day
4.5 hours
As low as $249 pp*

  • Grounding and divine tree ceremony at a sacred sanctuary
  • Facilitated Crystal Bed Healing or Aura Photo with report
  • Love elixir and gift of appreciation


*1-2 person(s) is $269 pp. 3 people is $249 pp.

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About Our Experiences

Susan Luddy owns and operates Holistic Vision Retreats in Sedona Arizona. Come let her share the magic of Sedona’s natural and supernatural wonders!

Learn more about Susan »


NOTES: Start times vary per Experience. In the case of Half-Day Sedona Experiences, please note on this form, an AM or PM preference.

Experiences are for 1-3 people only. They can be private by request (just you and your posse), otherwise others may join us. Experiences can also be customized to your preferences via this form.

Payment must be paid in full for me to confirm your experience. Once you “book” an experience, I will contact you to confirm all the details. Accepted payment methods include PayPal, Zelle and Venmo unless other arrangements are made.

Cancellations must be made at least 4 days in advance to receive a refund (minus a $25 service fee). If a cancellation is made 3 days or less before the booked experience, you will be given a credit (minus the $25 service fee) towards a future experience.

About Susan

Hi! I’m Susan Luddy of Holistic Vision Retreats. When I was a kid, I didn’t understand why all sorts of people were drawn to me. Along the way I realized there are names for this: empath, healer and life journey tour guide (smile). You could say I’m an intuitive guide and life adventurer who loves to match people with just the right experiences and practitioners to help them heal, learn and grow using various modalities, and pass along what I have learned that can help ease you down your life path.

It’s why I think creating Holistic Vision Retreats is a perfect fit for me – and you. I act as your local guide and take you around Sedona to have various “experiences.” We will visit sacred places, go through grounding and centering meditations and mindfulness practices, and share time with the ‘best of Sedona’ healers, psychics and other practitioners of metaphysics (myself included). This way, you can enjoy a healing, spiritual experience while you bask in the amazing energy we enjoy in this hub of vortexes (vortices). And, while we’re eating delicious, healthy food together, I’ll share with you about how I’ve used whole foods to prevent and reverse illness and mindset can make such a difference in achieving mind/body/soul bliss.

What I found after many years of working in large corporations in various marketing, public relations and communications roles was the need to be of service to people in more of a personal way. Life lessons have taught me that we should do what makes us happy, draws out our natural talents, makes our heart sing and brings us the most joy! For me, that means providing you with experiences in and around beautiful Sedona so that you can leave here feeling refreshed, recharged and revived. This way, when you return to your usual day-to-day life, you have some great memories, new practices and food for thought in how to feel this way more often.

Each Experience you join me for blends together some of the various elements I described above into half-day, 1-day, 2-day, 5-day or customized formats just for you. Please be assured that everything I do comes from a place of authenticity and is done in a fun, loving and heart-centered manner.

Learning about the background and credentials of the person you are considering investing your time, energy and money with is important. Here are mine:

  • Master’s degree – Communications Management
  • Bachelor’s degree – Marketing
  • Crisis Communications specialization
  • Intuition Development – Psychic Medium
  • Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer
  • Graduate of the Center for Nutrition Studies at eCornell – Plant-Based Nutrition Program
  • Reiki Practitioner – Levels I & II
  • Speaker and Workshop Leader – Whole food plant-based nutrition, Law of Attraction and manifesting techniques
  • Wellness Coaching
  • CPR Certified


I’d like nothing more than to help you learn, grown, manifest and experience things that make a difference in your life… Things that will leave you feeling enriched and seeking more! Feel free to email me with any questions: holisticvisionretreats@gmail.com



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