When I set out on a hike this morning, I had two things on my mind: grounding and climbing. If you know about the practice of grounding, typically you are standing, sitting or lying still while visualizing and feeling your connection with the earth. At some point on each hike that is exactly what I do, although it’s typically before I head back to the trailhead. You could say I’ve come up with a cliff notes version, like lthe REO Speedwagon song indicates, I take it on the run by taking my first step up, imagining a magnetic pull to the earth coming up through my hiking shoes to my feet and then a white light extend up through my head into the crown chakra.

Did I mention that there’s nothing that tickles my inner child these days more than climbing up the red rocks? It always brings back memories of me as a tomgirl hiking in the woods in northern NJ. Swinging from vines, hanging from trees, climbing boulders, dancing through Buttermilk Falls and running barefooted around sprawling moss were some of my favorite things.

It seems like grounding or earthing is becoming a buzz word these days. I love knowing that once I take off my socks and shoes to intentionally making a connection with the earth with my hands and feet that I’m soaking up antioxidants while standing (or sitting) in the presence of nature.

This article from The Chopra Center For Wellbeing shares all of the benefits you can get from the simple act of grounding. Get out there and take a few moments to soak it all in!


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