So often we think spiritual wisdom is “out there” when in fact this journey is an inner one. Going to workshops, reading books from the great spiritual leaders and prophets, seeking intuitive guidance, and watching videos from people you admire can all help us along our path. Sometimes it can help us see what we cannot YET see in ourselves.

When you are doing all of these activities, remember to turn inward and see how they feel to you. Did that first part of the workshop feel good, but then the second half made you uncomfortable? Did you really feel aligned with the first chapter of that book, but then after that it didn’t align with your truth? No matter what, please keep in the mind that the only person you should ever put up on a pedestal is you!

This is your unique experience on earth. Take the bits and pieces from all sources of what resonates with you and touches your heart, and leave the rest behind. Just as there are no two fingerprints or footprints alike out of a population of over 7 billion people, what might feel good for one of your friends, may not feel right to you.

To truly trust and hear your inner guidance, it’s important that you take the time to listen. So often we over-schedule our lives keeping us in a state of avoidance from the things we don’t want to face. Take a leap beyond business as there is so much goodness to be had when we do our inner work, and carve out time to sit in silence. 

Reading this is your sign to take a few moments and be still.


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