Music: The Heart of Our Soul

While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw a friend posted this song asking the question, why is this not a hit? Is it because of the unifying power it has? I mean, who doesn’t like songs with lyrics and a beat that make you think and inspire you to take action? These messages of unity, oneness and words may prompt you to stand up and fight for something you believe in. This got me thinking back to when my love of music started and the deep connection I’ve always had to it.

Around the age of 7 or 8, one of my most cherished presents was a Raggedy Ann and Andy AM/FM radio. I would play it so much that I was often asking my parents to buy more batteries, and more than once, they threatened to take it away because I would sneak it under my pillow to keep listening to music instead of going to sleep at my 8:00 PM bedtime.

My parents, too, loved music. We had a stereo console that was a popular model back then. It was a wooden cabinet with a sliding door on the left front side to store records, and a sliding door on the top right side where the record player and speakers were located.

Music filled our home at some point each day with my mother’s favorite artists: Johnny Mathis, Engelbert Humperdinck and Stevie Wonder. Or, my father’s: Willy Nelson, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. This music mix was already quite the contrast even without factoring in that I was usually playing the only song I ever mastered on the electric organ, Age of Aquarius.

My musical tastes grew up with me and consisted of songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Rock and roll and disco equally ruled my record and cassette tape collections, but I also liked most other genres such as new wave, alternative, pop, bluegrass, the Grateful Dead and some country music.

In this last decade, I continued to enjoy all that music, with rock and country music most often getting the most play time. Then it dawned on me about 5 years ago that maybe all those lyrics I was singing every day weren’t as uplifting as much as I had thought. It just didn’t occur to me that singing Highway to Hell and Drink in My Hand weren’t the messages I wanted to keep imprinting on my conscious.

These days, the playlists getting the most air-time in my life include uplifting, inspiring, and powerful lyrics. This kind of music has significantly upped my daily joy factor and revs me up for the day better than any caffeine drink can. Country, 80s music, and rock and roll are still on my favorite playlists as well, but I do find the songs with inspirational messages help to keep me more inspired and on my path.

Living in Sedona, I’m blessed to have local musicians that write and play music to serve a higher purpose with lyrics. One is my friend David Kane, who has been transitioning his lyrics from the typical country song themes to inspiring stories that are deep and thought provoking. Check out his story and music in this video interview.

Music truly is the heart of our soul with it’s words making such an impression on our minds. What is your playlist imprinting on yours? 


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