If you follow your soul’s calling, everything just falls into place.

How I came to be in Sedona was nothing more than that, really. My first trip was a gift to myself for my birthday a few years ago. I figured I’d go on a few tours to explore the red rocks, experience the vortex energy and expand my spiritual knowledge while vacationing.

From the moment I arrived and for the next 8 days, my Spidey senses were heightened. I already knew I was an empath, an intuitive and a healer with my strength being claircognizance (clear knowing). In Sedona it all kicked up a notch to the point that I was walking around with what I call the God bumps (you may call them goose bumps) every day. Putting my bare hands and feet on the rocks had me feeling vibrations at a whole different level. And every-single-day, I kept feeling I was supposed to live here.

The more people I meet that live here in Sedona, the more I hear a very similar story. I had never been to Arizona before. I loved the beautiful seacoast New Hampshire area that I lived in. So many precious friends who had become my family were located between New Jersey and Maine. And yet I couldn’t ignore my inner guidance.

Flying back east after my first trip, I started thinking about the possibility of living in both places part of the year. Two years later, I came back to Sedona in February and it sealed the deal. I went back east, told my friends I would take a few months to pack up my home and put it for sale on May 1st, expected it would sell quickly and that I would be in Sedona by end of June. Some folks thought I was projecting a very short timeline… until they saw it actually happen.

With angels on my bumpers, I took four and a half days to drive across the country. The moment I arrived in Sedona I knew that I had come home. It’s an understatement to say that I feel blessed and am so grateful to live here. It’s a beautiful sacred place, with kindred spirits from all over the world.

I hope my journey inspires you to not only visit here to experience some of the magic for yourself, but also to follow YOUR soul’s calling, wherever that may lead.


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