People ask me why I’d use a word like ‘retreat’ to describe what I have to offer to folks coming to Sedona who want to experience something out of the ordinary. Keeping in mind that our reactions to words are directly correlated to our life experiences, I know for some people they may interpret it to mean: to escape, withdraw or pull back. For me and many others, retreat might invite a feeling of going to a quiet secluded place, focusing inward, reaching a state of connectedness, relaxing into the experience and letting go of the day-to-day to do list.

It’s not a stretch to say a lot of us operate in work, eat, sleep and repeat mode. How often do we get so caught up in life that we completely forget the most important person to take care of – ourselves! Self-care, exploration, relaxation, reflection and just taking time to breathe is so important. Give yourself the time and space between all those other thoughts to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. And do it as often as possible so that it’s more than a rare and precious treat!

If you have researched Sedona at all, you’ll find it described as a cathedral without walls and a place of renewal. And let’s not forget the vortexes (AKA vortices). These are thought to be swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration. The earth here seems alive with energy which often leaves you feeling an uplifting vibe. It’s exactly this atmosphere that drove many people to pull up their roots in other parts of the world (like me) and move here. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect place to retreat to?

For now, let’s virtually retreat and get away from it all for 5 minutes (even if you’re sitting at your work desk). Pick up your cell phone and switch it to silent mode. Set a timer to go off in 5 minutes. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. Inhale, hold for 4-5 seconds, then exhale. Notice the top of your head may be feeling lighter and tingly. Now imagine being out in nature. The weather matches your most perfect, comfortable conditions. Birds are quietly chirping in the background. You can feel stress melting away. Hold that feeling here until the dreaded timer goes off. There now, you just relaxed, lowered your blood pressure and connected to a place that allows you to really breathe. It’s official – you’re now a retreat person! LOL!

Seriously though, all of the Sedona experiences I offer provide you with what is described above and much more. Holistic Vision Retreats combine retreat, tour, mindfulness, meditation, pure nourishment, activities that expand your consciousness and coaching elements to really nurture your mind, body and soul. No matter how short your visit – from a half-day, to 1 or 2 days, to 5 days, I can help make your time in Sedona even more rejuvenating, insightful and memorable!

If you’re on the fence about booking an experience, I’d say they’re for you if you’re drawn to:

  • Tuning into nature and grounding with everything Mother Earth has to offer
  • Loving your body by eating clean, healthy, nutrient-rich foods
  • Awakening and expanding your consciousness
  • Being open to spiritual experiences
  • Hanging out with your own personal Sherpa, life adventurer, plant-based nutrition coach, spiritual advisor and intuitive who has informally been a life path guide for years

‘Looking forward to meeting you soon!



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